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Reiki Sessions

Whether your chakras need cleansing or balancing, or you're looking to become more spiritually integrated and clear, we can help! Remotely we provide an integrated form of energy therapy that will leave you feeling renewed with a greater sense of self-awareness, and significantly lighter as your limiting beliefs and pains are removed.

$80 / hr



An Illumination is a process which takes anywhere from 1-2 hours. The client will explain their issue that they’d like worked on, and we delve into their energetic body to find the root cause of the issue and “heal” it with energy healing.

This can be any issue from over-eating, to trust issues, abandonment issues, anger, etc. Any character “flaw” the client would like to “work on” or “illuminate” would be performed with this service. Reiki is also performed and the energy centers are cleaned out and worked on.

$150 / hr


Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrievals can take up to five hours. This service is recommended for those who have suffered major trauma or loss. If you or someone you know hasn’t been the same in a long time, then this service is best. It’s when a fragment (or many) of your soul has broken off and gone into the underworld to protect itself. In a Soul Retrieval we travel to the underworld to get the pieces of your soul and return them to the whole, so that you can go on to do that which you came to do. There are very rare occasions when the soul-fragment doesn’t want to return to the whole while the person is living…but we must always remember that everything is always for your highest good, often times as we live, we are not meant to understand the reasons why.



Shamanic Counseling

This is a service where you set up a day and time with your Certified Shaman for a Spiritual Guidance session. Much like talk therapy, Spiritual Counseling is facilitated via phone call or zoom meeting. The session lasts 45 minutes and you’ll get to experience the joys of ‘talk therapy’ with a bit of an ancient healing touch. Get in touch with one of our Certified Shaman to begin to help you move dense or stuck energies you’ve accumulated throughout your human journey.

$120/45 minutes



“It was an enlightening look into the happenings/things that happened ‘behind the scenes.’ I would recommend anyone looking to find out more about themselves, their chakra’s to talk with Crystal and let her work with you on your journey.”
Raymond Z.
“I would recommend Crystal to anyone who is in need of deep healing or in need of answers. Her work has definitely helped me in very difficult times. She’s a beautiful, pure soul and is extremely gifted.”
Elizabeth F.
“Wow, Thank you so much for this reading. I loved it so much, it fully aligned with my intuition and what I’ve been feeling. I had tears of joy while I was reading my reading. Everything you said resonated with me and made me feel so much more secure in my divine purpose. Thank you so much and I’m forever grateful for your superb insight and divine message. I will be back for more readings! Best Regards”
Kaycee P.
"Crystal is amazing & I couldn’t have been happier with my experience! I have recommended her to many people & will continue to!"
"I feel deeply grateful to Crystal for such an amazing experience. I found her videos on a social media platform and instantly felt a connection to her by way of the joy and love that radiates throughout her. My soul chose her to perform this important work, and I’m overwhelmingly happy that I did. I received both an Illumination and Soul Retrieval energy work. I’m now a day past receiving my report and am completely blown away. From the smallest of details to the larger areas that had formed within my blind spots, I’m still processing through the enormity of healing, knowledge, and blessings I received. This experience has left me full of so much love for and connection within myself that I’m overflowing with gratitude and awe. Wishing everyone a divinely blessed spiritual journey."
"Very beneficial information and very helpful for me. Crystal and her team have phenomenal communication and the utmost respect for people they work with. I highly recommend them and the surveys they provide: Very kind, considerate, and respectful!"