Shaman Crystal

Shaman Crystal is the sole-creator behind Shaman in My Pocket and has been a full-time Shaman since2019, after experiencing heightened spiritual happenings that could not be explained.

Aside from helping others through her services, Shaman Crystal enjoys spending time with her kids, creating art and writing about spirituality, Shamanism, and Art, her passions!!


Shaman Jon

Jon Rios is here as a catalyst to facilitate Quantum Leaps of Consciousness. For You to remember who you really are, your Divine mission. To accelerate your spiritual awakening to oneness and enlightenment with groundedness and self realization of the divinity of all aspects including the physical body.

Jon is an angelic starseed Shaman, cosmic ascension guide, mentor/ healer/ activator and motivational speaker/teacher with a passion to inspire and empower others to heal and lead themselves in love and mastery. He’s trained in many of the most advanced vibrational medicine (energy healing) modalities available today including my own modalities. He has a passion for teaching spiritual scientific knowledge, facilitating ceremony, energy healings, activations, meditations, and much more in individual as well as group settings.

One of his greatest passions is to assist others in remembering and directly experiencing their own inherent spiritual connection and to awaken and remember their original divine blueprint which is perfect health, wholeness and well-being. His intention is to assist humanity in bringing into oneness all aspects and complete embodiment of our highest self (true self) and our highest potential.

As a cosmic composer and master healer of sound and sacred geometry Jon offers both general/specific and customizable sessions for clients that are unique to each clients needs which include the use of Multidimensional Quantum Shamanic Healing with Advanced Sacred Geometry aka Divine Intervention Consciousness Living Light Technologies to assist in activation and structuring/building of the DNA/ Lightbody to access and sustain the highest Levels of divine LIGHT and cosmic consciousness possible into the physical body and everyday reality experience in the most powerful, balanced, and accelerated ways with ease and Grace. Bridging worlds to new realities (states of consciousness) new paradigms/Structures/ ways of living/be-ing/do-ing things within the internal and external realities.

His services assist in the acceleration of the ascension process/ higher self embodiment, which can also be experienced as spiritual awakening to oneness, unconditional love, perfect love realization

Job takes an omni-directional approach in assisting you along your cosmic journey of awakening and physical biological ascension

As a leader of the ascended new earth, I stand as a pioneer to unlocking higher consciousness and highest potentials. He is assisting as a most powerful catalyst to awaken our inherent divine genius/Gifts/abilities for earth and all of humanity.

- Certified Shamanic Practitioner
- Ordained Minister
- Master DNA/Lightbody Activation, Facilitator
- Licensed Massage Therapist
- Cranial Sacral Therapist  and soo much more…


Shaman Jaden

Jaden is a full mesa-carrying pampamesayak shaman, artist, and poet. Jaden has spent many years learning and exploring the ways of Love, Truth, and Balance in the world. They have two degrees, in arts and sciences. Medicine and healing has been an interest of theirs for as long as they can remember. They are certified in Reiki and spend much time with the Stone people and Plant people.

Jaden specialises in Illuminations, soul retrievals, destiny retrievals, extraction of fluid or crystallised energy, extraction of entities, cord cutting, guided journeys and meditations, tarot, and much more. They would be honoured to be a part of your spiritual journey!


Shaman Donna

Shaman Donna is a powerful Healer, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist.  With many years of experience under her shaman belt she has shown the ability to handle some very difficult energies within her clients.  She does this with a Kind, Loving, and Gentle approach which will truly leave you aligned with your desired future self.   No energy is to difficult and more importantly no situation either.  Let her open your heart back up to all the amazing and wonderful times awaiting you.