When Earth Is Sweeter Than Heaven…

This is about an “out” I was given. We’re given 7 “outs” in life. They are moments where accidents were “close calls” and you seemingly “miraculously” missed death. That was probably an “out” and your soul chose to come back to continue it’s work here on Earth.

The other night I had a super vivid dream…that I was walking around in Heaven with God. He was giant and unlike other times, this time He presented like a giant cartoon and all I could see was his butt =D We walked around in a magnificent garden and talked about everything. At one point it was as if someone erased the space to my left with a soft eraser and I could see my beloved and I cuddling in bed. I could see myself sleeping. I had fallen asleep laying my head on my beloved’s chest and he was stroking my arm and every now and again he’d kiss me softly on the top of my head as I slept. I was like, “aw! That’s so sweet! His sweet kisses!” And The Lord and I delighted in the affections together. God said, “You can stay here, you know. With Me.” I turned, shocked and looked up at His glorious bottom and said, “Like… like an “out?” Huh. I mean….I guess I could….but…how would we do it?” I asked, looking back over to the scene in bed. God shrugged nonchalantly and said, “We could give you an aneurism. A stroke. It’d be quick and quiet.” I was kind of taken aback by His tone- as if He was telling me how to bake a cake, “easy peasy.” “Mmm… I don’t know. I mean, that’d be a sweet way for me to go! Pass away in my Love’s arms! But what about him? That would suck! Just laying there, watching tv with your girlfriend, next thing you know she’s blue and not moving! That would suck! And what about my kids? And my mom?… Mmmm…. Nah. I think I’ll go back. Thanks though.”

I woke up, still in the arms of my Love, and grinned. I told him of the dream I had and said, “How lovely is it…..that for the first time in a long time…. life on Earth is sweeter than Heaven.”